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bottle glass, wood
Remembering Norman Bel Geddes
30 1/2"h x 18 1/2"h x 4"

bottle glass, wood. Norman Bel Geddes was Ha successful and prolific industrial and theatrical designer. He was hired by Life Magazine to make dioramas of WWII battles that could be photographed to illustrate coverage of the war. They had exquisite detail. Trees, hills, building, roads, machines, even soldiers. My mom worked for Life and, since most of the men in the office were in the military worked on war coverage. She took me to meet NBG and see his dioramas about 1945. I was 6 years old and so impressed. I still remember them. NBG gave me a little, perfect tank, silver but painted olive drab. Life was such an interesting magazine. Imagine paying NBG and his staff to make these dioramas just so they could be photographed.